Does CHISELL Work? (In-Depth Review, Progress Pics & Coupon)

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CHISELL is a new jawline exerciser that’s quickly growing in popularity. With a sleek design and thousands of satisfied customers, you might be tempted to give the product a try… but does it really work?

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at CHISELL, focusing on whether or not it works. I’ll also comment on the safety of the exerciser, tell you about its price, quality, and customer service, and — in case you decide to pick one up — share a handy 12% off coupon.

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CHISELL is a new facial exerciser that claims to improve your jawline. It consists of two small, rubber mouthpieces — one for each side of the mouth — which you’re supposed to chew on.

By doing so, CHISELL is said to train the jaw muscles, giving the jaw a wider, more defined appearance. As a result, CHISELL is primarily targeted at males.

Does CHISELL Work?

There is significant evidence to suggest that yes, CHISELL and other jawline exercisers do indeed work. This is because they rely on a chewing motion, which directly exercises the jaw muscles (in particular, the masseter).

As with any other muscle, exercising the masseter results in muscular growth, also known as hypertrophy. As this muscle grows, the jawline becomes wider and more defined.

Chewing gum is often recommended as a jawline workout for the same reasons.

Is It Safe?

The question that most doctors are asking when it comes to jawline exercisers like CHISELL is not “Does It Work?”, but “Is It Safe?”

It’s hard to deny that repeatedly chewing on rubber mouthpieces or chewing gum will grow the jaw. However, doing so may have serious consequences to the function of your jaw.

The primary concern associated with continued chewing (on gum or on a jawline exerciser like CHISELL) is damage to the jaw joint, also known as the temporomandibular joint. Dysfunction of this joint, TMD, often causes significant pain.

In a Healthline article on the effectiveness of Jawzrsize — a very similar jawline exerciser — two doctors from the University of Southern California share concerns that this kind of continued chewing may result in permanent damage to the jaw and teeth.

The team behind CHISELL have attempted to address this concern by making their jawline exerciser smaller than any other on the market. As a result, CHISELL only requires your mouth be partially open during use (whereas other exercisers require it be wide-open).

The team claim this puts less stress on the jaw joint, dramatically reducing the risk of injury. However, this claim is yet to be verified by a healthcare professional.

Types of CHISELL

The CHISELL jawline exerciser comes in three variations: Light, Regular, and Tough Bite. They’re all the same size, but what varies is the amount of force, or resistance, you need to chew down on them.

The Light Bite is the beginner’s choice. It offers 110lb (50kg) of resistance. Next is the Regular Bite, which offers 180lb (85kg) of resistance. Finally, there’s the Tough Bite, which offers 250lb (115kg) of resistance.

The lower the resistance, the easier it is to bite down on the rubber. And the easier it is to bite down on the rub, the farther your jaw will travel in doing so. As a result, the Light Bite has the highest range of motion, while the Tough Bite has the lowest.

In-Depth Review of CHISELL

Now that we’ve covered the basics of CHISELL, I’ll be reviewing the product across three categories: price, quality, and support. With any luck, this review will help you to choose between CHISELL and the other jawline exercisers on the market.


All three CHISELLs share the same full price tag of $47.00. However, the team regularly run attractive discounts, lowering the prices of the Light and Regular Bite to just $34.99, and of the Tough Bite to just $39.99.

In addition to these discounts, you can get a further 12% off your CHISELL purchase with my discount code TRANSFORMATION12 or by using my referral link. This brings the price of an entry-level CHISELL to just over $30, plus shipping.

All in all, CHISELL has very similar pricing to its main competitor — Jawzrsize. Not bad, but not great either.


What makes CHISELL stand out among other jawline exercisers is its excellent build quality. The mouthpieces themselves are carefully moulded into a sleek and sensible shape, while the packaging is comparable to that of any luxury accessory.

However, CHISELL has one major flaw from a quality perspective: some users find the mouthpieces breaking after just a few months (or even weeks) of use. While the team attribute this issue to overly sharp teeth, they have stated that they are working hard to resolve the issue and currently offer unlimited replacements to affected users.


Last but not least, it’s worth knowing that the CHISELL team offer top-notch customer service. For starters, they provide an unlimited number of replacement mouthpieces for anyone struggling with durability issues, as mentioned above. Aside from that, the team are quick to respond to any comments, questions, or concerns.


If you’re temped to pick up a CHISELL of your own, don’t forget to save 12% with my promo code TRANSFORMATION12 or by using my referral link. On average, that’ll add up to more than $4.50!

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