My Review of Facial Flex – Does It Work?

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Here on the website, I spend a lot of time talking about mewing. After all, mewing has produced some impressive results in quite a few internet users.

But is there an easier solution to improving your jawline and general face and neck appearance? The Facial Flex face exerciser claims to be exactly that: a quick and convenient solution to improving your facial aesthetics.

In this article, I’m going to give you my review of the Facial Flex face exerciser — including the all-important question: does it really work?

About Facial Flex

Facial Flex Facial Exercise and Neck Toning Kit

This well-made facial exerciser really works, and there’s evidence to prove it.

  • Clinical evidence
  • FDA approved

The Facial Flex face exerciser is a strange, dentist’s apparatus-looking device produced by a company of the same name. Originally designed for facial rehabilitation, Facial Flex now claims to offer beauty and even “fitness” benefits to consumers.

Facial Flex claims their exerciser applies resistance to over 30 muscles in the face. The end goal of this, of course, is to train and strengthen your facial muscles in the same way you would train any other muscle. Supposedly, using the device creates a toned, youthful looking facial appearance.

Something you’ll be very happy to know is that Facial Flex is an FDA-registered medical device. For those who don’t know, the FDA is one of the United States’ governing bodies on all-things-health. While this doesn’t guarantee any results, it means you can be a little more comfortable using the device.

First Impressions

The Facial Flex really isn’t the most enticing-looking appliance. In fact, it looks rather clinical — like something you’d find at a dentist’s office. Ordering from Amazon, the Facial Flex comes with an instructional DVD and some tiny resistance bands.

The setup is extremely straightforward: just wrap a few of the resistance bands around the two grooves in the middle of the appliance. This is where the resistance comes from. In fact, the resistance bands come in different strengths, and you’re supposed to upgrade to stronger bands as you progress.

Annoyingly, the Facial Flex is a bit too big for the case it comes with, which forces you to squeeze the device a little as you put it away.

How to Use the Facial Flex

Using the Facial Flex is surprisingly easy. Pop the device into your mouth, with the long side spanning from one corner of the lips to the other.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the ends of the Facial Flex are moulded to wrap around the corners of your mouth. One side of each U-shaped end is larger than the other, and that’s the side that should go into your mouth for optimal comfort.

Once the Facial Flex is in, you’ll immediately be able to feel it pushing your mouth open. If you try to close your mouth, by bringing the corners of the lips towards one another, you’ll feel the resistance of the appliance acting against you.

To get the most benefit out of the Facial Flex, this is exactly what you’re supposed to do: contract your facial muscles, bringing the corners of the lips towards one another, and pause briefly before relaxing your facial muscles.

There are no set rules on how long or how often you should use the Facial Flex. On the official website, they suggest using the device for two minutes at a time, twice a day: in the morning and at night. This totals four minutes a day, and they say that’ll produce visible results in under 8 weeks

If you want to train for longer or more often, I can’t see any reason why not to. In any case, after using the Facial Flex, you should be able to feel some strain in your facial muscles, which signals that it’s actually doing something. Stop if you feel pain, though!

Does It Really Work?

At this point, what you’re most likely wondering is whether the Facial Flex face exerciser really works. Let’s start with the most concrete evidence: clinical studies.

Several clinical studies performed on the Facial Flex have shown a clear use for the device in speech therapy. As far as beauty benefits are concerned, two smaller studies have claimed “significant differences” after 8 and 12 week training periods with the device.

Amazingly, the Facial Flex has produced visible differences in hundreds if not thousands of customers — and that’s just looking at the Amazon reviews.

Customers write that it keeps their face looking “tight and vibrant”, improves their jawline, and slims their facial profile. The most positive reviews were often from older users, for whom the Facial Flex did wonders in smoothing out wrinkles and tightening up loose skin. Plenty of younger users saw results in terms of their facial profile and jawline, too.

The one gripe many people are having with the Facial Flex is that it can actually worsen some hard, facial lines “if used incorrectly.” If you’re looking to combat facial lines with the Facial Flex, you might want to do some more research and see what others have said.

Interestingly, the majority of users were females. There’s nothing to suggest that the Facial Flex is female-only, but an overwhelming majority of female reviews and marketing materials might make you believe otherwise. A product that seems to be much more targeted towards guys is the Jawzrsize facial exerciser.

If you want to see more evidence for the Facial Flex exerciser, you’ll be glad to know that there are loads of before and after photos on the web andthe Facial Flex website.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the Facial Flex face exerciser is a really impressive invention, and it’s exciting to see that users are having so much success in improving their facial appearance with the device.

That said, its primary demographic seems to be older women who are trying to combat loose skin. I’m sure it can create visible results for others, too.

If you want to consider the Facial Flex for yourself, definitely check it out on Amazon. Otherwise, I suggest you read my review on the Jawzrsize facial exerciser or read this article on how chewing gum might change your jawline!

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