My Review of Jawzrsize – Does It Work?

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Jawzrsize is one of the most popular facial exercisers on the market right now. In fact, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the Jawzrise, thanks in part to its great social media marketing campaign.

But what is the Jawzrsize, and does it really work? We’ll answer those questions and others in this comprehensive Jawzrsize review.

About the Jawzrsize Facial Exerciser

Jawzrsize Jaw Exerciser And Neck Toning

This facial exerciser functions just like chewing gum. How couldn’t it work?

  • Works like gum
  • Best for jawline gains

Let’s start with the obvious stuff. The Jawzrsize itself is a ball-shaped, rubber facial exerciser. You’re supposed to put it in your mouth and munch down on it to strengthen your jaw muscles.

The Jawzrsize Story

As far as the Jawzrsize story is concerned, well, it’s quite an interesting one! Jawzrsize creator Brandon Harris was involved in a motorcycle accident on Hawaii, which put him in a coma and broke his jaw. Brandon’s jaw had to be wired shut for 4 months, so his masseter muscle (the chewing muscle) atrophied, or wore down, completely.

The Jawzrsize was a rehabilitation device he created for his own jaw. Brandon claims that only did the Jawzrsize restore function to his lower facial muscles, but it also gave him a stronger, more attractive appearance than previously.

First Impressions

At first sight, the Jawzrsize ball isn’t as daunting as you might think. It’s smaller than you’d expect — smaller than a fist at least:

It comes in different colors depending on the resistance of the rubber:

  • Level 1 (blue): 20lbs
  • Level 2 (pink): 30lbs
  • Level 3 (purple): 40lbs
  • Level 4 (green): 50lbs

Whichever Jawzrsize you choose, it comes with two biting strips, one for the top and one for the bottom. These allow you to mould the biting area to your mouth and can be replaced after time.

Using the Jawzrsize (described below), it seems to work as intended. The blue Jawzrsize provides a good amount of resistance — enough for a good workout, but not so much that it’s painful. In fact, chomping away on it is surprisingly satisfying.

Some of the reviews I’ve seen say the Jawzrsize is made of poor quality rubber, and quickly falls apart when used extensively. I can’t comment on that.

How to Use Jawzrsize

Using the Jawzrsize is surprisingly easy, but before you can get going, you need to set it up. This is mostly about moulding the biting strips to your teeth.

The setup process is pretty simple:

  1. Place the Jawzrsize (with biting strips) into boiling water for about 20 seconds
  2. Remove the Jawzrsize from the water, and before it gets too cold, bite into the biting strips
  3. After holding your bite for 15 seconds, remove the Jawzrsize from your mouth and run it under a little cold water to harden

Once the setup is out of the way, using the Jawzrsize is equally simple:

  1. Insert the Jawzrsize ball into your mouth with the biting strips against your teeth
  2. Bite down on the Jawzrsize with your teeth and hold the position for a few seconds
  3. Release the biting pressure; rinse and repeat!

You can munch down on the Jawzrsize for as long or as many repetitions as you feel comfortable, but a lot of people aim to train for 20 minutes a day at whatever pace they find comfortable. You can train for longer, but I wouldn’t recommend it. 20 minutes is more than enough of a workout, and excessive chewing can have some problems (read on to learn about that).

Does It Really Work?

At this point, the question you definitely want the answer to is does the Jawzrsize really work?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as clear cut as you’d hope. While creator Brandon Harris swears by the Jawzrsize (as you’d expect him to) and there are plenty of positive reviews, medical professionals have mixed opinions on the appliance.

Many of these medical professionals admit that the Jawzrsize does indeed train your lower facial muscles. For them, though, that’s not always a good thing. While training your jaw muscles can make them appear larger (thus making your face more square), some health professionals say that using the Jawzrsize could lead to temporomandibular joint dysfunction, a painful jaw condition which has been linked to excessive chewing.

As far as I can see, using the Jawzrsize is a bit like chewing gum. It’ll work your lower facial muscles to build a stronger, bulkier jawline, but overdoing it can cause various problems (including headaches and jaw problems, as mentioned above).

With that in mind, the Jawzrsize is probably worth a shot if you want a more muscular, defined face, but worth avoiding if you’re trying to cure existing jaw issues.

In any case, you need to be realistic with your expectations: the Jawzrsize might make your jawline appear stronger and bulkier, but it won’t magically make it slimmer or anything along those lines!

Jawzrsize Alternatives

Before we close off, we thought we’d look at a couple of alternatives to the Jawzrsize. The facial exerciser market is a pretty new one, so there aren’t too many contenders.

Facial Flex

By far the closest competitor to the Jawzrsize is the Facial Flex. It’s another dedicated facial exercising appliance, but it looks and works completely different. Instead of chomping down on the Facial Flex, you have to push the corners of your lips towards each other against the force of the appliance.

If you want to get our thoughts on the Facial Flex, definitely read our full review here.

Falim Gum

Aside from Jawzrsize and the Facial Flex, there aren’t really any other facial exercise devices. A popular alternative to the all-in-one devices, though, is chewing gum. As we mentioned above, chewing gum works similarly to Jawzrsize: by training your chewing muscles. The leading brand for this is by far Falim.

If you want to know more about how chewing gum can change your facial aesthetics, we’ve got a guide on that too.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Jawzrsize is a pretty nifty little gadget. Although the clinical side of it hasn’t yet been fleshed out, it’s shown some impressive results for some users and is generally rated pretty positively. Why not try it for yourself?

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