Looksmaxing: What Is It, Techniques, Forums, and More

With a growing number of dedicated followers, looksmaxing is a controversial self-improvement practice that’s taking the internet by storm. Featuring everything from exercise to plastic surgery, the looksmaxing movement involves using whatever means necessary to boost your appearannce.

In case you’re just learning about this fringe self-improvement movement, I’m writing this article to give an objective breakdown of what looksmaxing is, what it involves, and where you can learn more.

I should mention, however, that some of the information below is highly controversial and in no way advisable.

What Is Looksmaxing?

Looksmaxing is an extreme form of self-improvement that focuses on improving one’s physical appearance by whatever means necessary. This includes controversial measures such as surgery and steroid use, in addition to more convential ones like weight loss and skincare.

While self-improvement is commonplace among the general public, the extreme nature of looksmaxing is often associated with so-called incel (involuntarily celibate) communities.

Although looksmaxing can apply to both sexes, most looksmaxing content is created by males, for males.


Looksmaxing is an area of much controvery for several reasons. For one, the practice often involves questionable techniques, such as the use of homemade self-improvement appliances (for improving facial appearance) or steroids (for muscle growth and fat loss).

In addition, many people believe that the looksmaxing movement encourages followers to pick apart every aspect of their appearances, which may lead to an unhealthy obssessiveness known as body dysmorphic disroder.

Popular Looksmaxing Techniques

Looksmaxing employs a wide range of techniques to improve physical attributes from head to toe. While some of these methods are entirely reasonable (such as weightloss), others are hardly advisable.

In looksmaxing circles, most self-improvement techniques are labelled using the –maxing suffix. In the interests of keeping things simple, we’ll use those labels here.

Facemaxing (mewing)

The looksmaxing approach to self-improvement usually starts with the face, with a range of techniques collectively reffered to as facemaxing. There are a number of techniques alleged to improve facial appearance, but perhaps the most popular is mewing, also known as proper tongue posture.

Mewing involves holding the tongue against the roof of the mouth throughout the entire day. Dr. Mike Mew, the British orthodontist who popularized the technique, says that this is the correct resting position for the tongue. Instead, many individuals allow their tongues to lie loose at the bottom of their mouthes, which he believes can contribute to poor facial development.

Individuals who practice looksmaxing use plenty more techniques to improve their facial appearance. Most notably, many followers religiously chew gum to build out their jawlines. So far, these techniques are certainly controversial, but nothing too wild.

Another, more extreme facemaxing technique is that of building a homemade appliance to manipulate the structure of the skull. Some worry this may cause permanent damage to the face.

Finally, face pulling is a technique that involves using the hands to change the shape of the skull. Once again, this technique may have dangerous consequences.

Eyes and eyebrows

In addition to improving the overall shape of the face, facemaxing includes specific techniques for changing the appearance of the eyes and eyebrows. These techniques are called — you guessed it — eyemaxing and eyebrowmaxing.

For the most part, eyemaxing involves using surgery to change the appearance of the eyes, usually by giving them more support. Eyebrowmaxing involves a range of grooming techniques (such as plucking) and supplements to optimize eyebrow thickness, shape, and size.


Moving downwards from the face, another popular looksmaxing technique is neckmaxing. Neckmaxing involves growing the neck muscles to thicken the appearance of the neck, which is said to create a more masculine appearance.

Neckmaxing involves a variety of weightlifting exercises designed to grow the neck muscles, such as the neck curl.


Perhaps one of the most controversial looksmaxing techniques is heightmaxing. This technique revolves around increasing one’s height, but the methods used are mostly pharmacological. Followers advocate using a variety of steroids and supplements to maximize vertical growth.


Moving on to a less extreme looksmaxing technique, skinmaxing involves improving the appearance of the skin. This practice largely relies on traditional skincare routines based on regular washes and the use of specially formulated skincare creams.

Weight Loss

One of the most positive techniques used in looksmaxing is weight loss. Followers of looksmaxing generally agree that losing weight is one of the easiest ways to improve one’s appearance, especially if overweight.


Another convential self-improvement technique used in looksmaxing is that of weightlifting. Weightlifting offers a whole host of benefits; most notably, it can help to grow muscle mass, thereby improving one’s appearance.


Looksmaxing circles don’t shy away from even the most extreme measures — including steroids. Some followers encourage the use of steroids to improve muscle mass, reduce bodyfat, and maximize vertical growth.


Looksmaxing may also involve a wide range of surgeries. Examples include:

  • orthognatic surgery
  • jaw angle implants
  • chin implants
  • chin osteotomy
  • rhynoplasty
  • otoplasty
  • orbital rim implants
  • zygo implnats
  • browridge implants
  • lip widening
  • fillers
  • fat graft
  • limb lengthening
  • clavicle lengthening

Looksmaxing Forums

Since looksmaxing is such a controversial practice, discussions take place on just a few of the internet’s forums. The most popular of these forums are looksmax.me and lookism.net.

Final Thoughts

Looksmaxing is an extreme approach to improving your appearance — there’s no doubt about that. While I think some of the practices used in looksmaxing (such as weightlifting and weight loss) are entirely valid, others are definitely controversial (like mewing), and some outright unadvisable (like steroid use).

Overall, it’s worth sticking to what you know works to avoid causing yourself harm. If you want to attempt a looksmaxing technique but are concerned it might negatively impact your health, be sure to consult a doctor first.

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