Can You Take Supplements for Quick Mewing Results?

I’ve seen a lot of rumors around the web that you can get better, faster mewing results by taking certain supplements. Since there’s so little information about this topic online, I thought I’d do the research for myself and see what I can find. So, can supplements really help you with mewing?

In short, supplements don’t seem to have much influence over your mewing results. However, vitamins K2 and D both play a role in your bone health, so they might be worth supplementing.

Supplements Linked to Mewing

There are thousands upon thousands of supplements on the market. It would be silly to assume that any and every supplement could speed up your mewing transformations, so I started my research off by focusing on the two most popular mewing supplements: vitamin K2 and vitamin B3.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is an increasingly popular supplement (in and out of the mewing world), but does it actually do anything? I’ve found at least two studies which suggest that vitamin K2 promotes bone health. In the first of those studies, it was shown that vitamin K2 directly promotes bone formation by stimulating the development of osteoblasts (bone cells). In the second of those studies, vitamin K2 is found to improve bone health by preventing calcium deposits in blood vessels, thereby freeing up more calcium for the bones.

But what does that have to do with mewing? Not a lot. Aside from the clinical studies above, I found a few quotes suggesting that vitamin K2 may have a longer list of benefits, though. These benefits seem like they may be more closely linked to mewing:

  • Forum user Dr. David Buck writes that “K2 is needed to allow the nasal septum which is cartilage to remain soft and pliable which facilitates mid face development.” This would suggest that vitamin K2 can improve mewing results by ensuring the nasal cartilage is as malleable as possible, thereby allowing the maxilla to move more easily.
  • Dentistry blogger Dr. Steve Lin believes vitamin K2 may also increase levels of growth hormone and testosterone. While I haven’t seen any relationship between the levels of these hormones and mewing progress, I’d imagine that they can only help.

Interestingly, at least one Reddit user reports having success with taking vitamin K2 supplements. A handful of forum users on The Great Work also claim to take vitamin K2 (and other supplements), but the reviews aren’t exactly flying in yet!

So what’s my final verdict on this one? I believe that vitamin K supplements may speed up or improve your mewing progress, but there’s nowhere near enough evidence for me to be sure. That said, it looks like vitamin K2 can only promote bone health, so there’s nothing much to lose!

B Vitamins

The B vitamins are the other supplement I’ve heard about a lot on mewing forums and elsewhere. Setting mewing aside for a second, let’s look at the most common claims surrounding the B vitamins — that they improve bone health.

I found two studies (here’s one which has been cited dozens of times by other researches) which effectively state that the B vitamins don’t have any conclusive impacts on bone health. I’ve seen a few claims that a serious deficiency of B vitamins might cause bone conditions like osteoporosis, but they haven’t been backed up particularly well.

What’s my verdict? I don’t think the B vitamins can do anything much for you bone health — the evidence simply isn’t there yet — and I can’t think why it would magically improve your mewing results. If you want to try it, though, I can’t see any downsides.

Best Choices for Bone Health: Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin D

At this point, I have to talk about some of the most legitimate supplements for improving bone health. Without even needing to research it, I’m aware that these are all excellent supplements.

Off the top of my head, I know that vitamin D deficiency has been shown to cause depressive effects (with vitamin D supplementation thereby improving happiness), while magnesium is an essential electrolyte for bodily function and calcium plays a core role in bone health — or at least that’s what they teach at school.

Focusing in on the topic of bone health, here are three studies I found suggesting that each of these supplements plays a significant role in bone health:

The most striking of all three supplements is definitely vitamin D. If there’s one supplement in this article which I truly recommend you try for yourself, it is definitely vitamin D. It’s “essential” for bone health and generally improves happiness — how could you not want that?

General Health Supplements

Aside from the supplements we’ve talked about so far, there aren’t too many other choices related to improving your bone or cartilage. As such, all I can recommend are a few other general health supplements.

The two supplements I’d recommend for your overall health are a quality multivitamin as well as some fish oil. I won’t expand on why — you’ll have to do the research for yourself — but I’ve seen that these two supplements have positive effects for most people.

Honorable mentions go to melatonin (good for falling asleep), probiotics (good for your gut), and fiber (good for your toilet habits).

Final Thoughts

There you have it: the supplements you should be taking for mewing. As I mentioned earlier, if I had to pick one supplement from this list it would definitely be vitamin D. If you want to have the best chances for success, I can’t see any harm in trying out vitamin K2, either.

Other than those, you should look into general health supplements like multivitamins and fish oils, or other bone health supplements like magnesium or calcium.

In any case, none of these supplements have been shown to have a direct relationship to mewing. At this stage, it’s still very much speculation. That’s why I only suggest the supplements which have been proven to have the most benefits for bone health or general bone health. Even if you don’t see faster or better mewing results, you’ll still sleep better at night knowing you have a healthier body and bones!

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