30 Days to a More Attractive Face



30 Days to a More Attractive Face is my complete guide to improving your facial aesthetics, for guys and girls. I’ve spent over 100 hours researching what makes a face attractive, and I’m ready to share that knowledge with you.

This eBook is for those who want to quickly and easily improve their facial appearance using safe, natural methods. I’m so confident that you can get results within 30 days that I’m including a 100% Money Back Guarantee with every order of this book.


  • The 5 Ways to Improve Your Facial Appearance
  • Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Get Started
  • Example 4 Week Routine

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Thomas Bush

Since 2017 I've been researching the weird and wonderful practice that is mewing. I discovered mewing in late 2017 through an obscure YouTube video. Since then, I’ve been on a quest to find out the facts about this weird and wonderful practice. The goal of this website is to share a